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Sundae Solutions Co., Ltd. [CRM | E-Business | Technology | Innovation] Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Sundae Solutions Co., Ltd. [CRM | E-Business | Technology | Innovation] Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Sundae Solutions Co., Ltd. [CRM | E-Business | Technology | Innovation] Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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"“I was able to identify a potential cost-saving of $2.8 million”
-Jeff Blase, Sprint Corporation
“The beauty of Crystal Ball is its simplicity and ease of use or novice users and its advance capabilities or experienced users.”" ---- Tim Bondan, IBM Global Service

"We are a wholesale distributor as well as manufacturer's representative. Thus, we have some unique needs for processing customer orders. The Macola software will allow us to better track sales for each of our eight offices. We chose Leahy Consulting because they have experience with distributors with our same needs. We are also implementing the GoldRush and GoldMine software. Leahy consultants have demonstrated patience and have taken a personal interest in streamlining our operation. We look forward to achieving great results with their assistance." ---- Relcon

"We started working with Leahy Consulting a few years ago because we wanted to significantly increase the efficiency of our operation. Our president's goal is to double sales over a five-year period. We needed a partner to help us increase our staff efficiency and prepare for growth. Leahy consultants have developed custom Crystal reports that have allowed us to reduce our inventories by 40% while increasing our sales by 50%. We look forward to implementing more Macola software modules that will assist us in gaining additional efficiencies." ---- United Grinding Technologies

"Our company was sold last year. New management wants to grow the company and streamline our operation. Leahy Consulting has been helping us with to 're-implement' our Macola software and to re-engineer our procedures to obtain staff efficiencies. While we grow the company, they have been showing us how we can better use the software without having to hire additional office staff." ---- Precision Packaging & Services

"We purchased the Macola software to help us control our business of selling the Superformance Cobra replicars and our auto parts distribution business. Although it was a lot of work for us to convert from our older accounting software and get everyone trained, Leahy Consulting personnel were very thorough in their approach and patient with us. They spent the necessary time to really learn about our information systems needs and have always have answers for our questions." ---- Snakebite Performance

"We recently upgraded to the Windows version of Macola. The Leahy Consulting staff assisted us by helping us plan the conversion, provide training, convert our data and get us operating with minimal problems. Since then, they have always been available to provide advice and assistance when needed." ---- Heater Meals

"Since we started using the Macola software, our sales have almost doubled and we have had to hire only a few more office personnel. The software has grown as we have grown. Leahy Consulting has helped us organize our stockroom of repair parts and this has increased our machine up time by 10%. They take a personal interest in understanding our company and our needs and showing us how to extract data from our Macola master files. This has resulted in better procedures and increased productivity." ---- UBE Automotive (formerly A-Mold Corporation)

"In 1994 Mike Leahy helped Intrieve, Incorporated implement new accounting and inventory management software. Since that time Leahy Consulting has been a valuable business partner in supporting the software and assisting with upgrades as needed. Mike's knowledge of the applications, his ability to communicate and his unending patience are appreciated." ---- Intrieve, Inc.

"We only need periodic support for our Macola accounting and manufacturing software. Leahy Consulting is always available to help us promptly and efficiently when the need arises." ---- Mattec Corporation

"We recently started working with LC when we replaced our old Macola software. We had been told that we could not get the software to function to our liking. Leahy Consulting showed us how to adapt the software to the way in which we do things." ---- Kreider Corporation

"We have been using the Macola software for years and recently started working with Leahy Consulting. They have taken the time to understand our software requirements and and have been showing us ways to use the software that no one else ever showed us." ---- Process Pump & Seal

"We began with Leahy Consulting a few years ago as we were growing our business. They have shown us many ways to better use the Macola software and better manage our customer orders." ---- Easy Way Products

"We have worked with Leahy Consulting for 14 years to support our accounting and EDI software. They have also developed a custom database that allows us to quickly determine customer buying trends. Although we are now using different accounting software, they still provide good support for our EDI and database software as the need arises." ---- Trauth Dairy

"Our Macola software was barely functioning before Leahy Consulting helped us to get it working and trained us properly. Things are now operating smoothly." ---- Tenacity Manufacturing

"Mike Leahy really knows manufacturing accounting and our business. LC has trained us to use the Crystal software to better manage our operation." ---- Verdin Company

"Leahy Consulting helped us develop a custom database that has allowed us to really know our product and customer margins over the past four years. Their consultants helped us all the way." ---- Palmer Supplies

"Our company was recently sold, and is moving out of state. Over the last six years, Leahy Consulting has provided us with top notch, proactive service, and has always made the effort to understand our business and its needs. We will miss their involvement with our company." ---- C V Materials

"We have worked with Leahy Consulting for nine years. They have helped us every step of the way to automate our complex purchasing and inventory functions and they really know our operation. Although we only need occasional assistance, they are always available to help us promptly and efficiently." ---- Mercury Instruments

"Mike patiently called on us for years to replace our outdated software. The Macola manufacturing software and Leahy Consulting assistance are now helping us to learn our real costs and better manage our company. We wish we had purchased it earlier." ---- GRK Manufacturing

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