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Crystal Ball


Stop Guessing on Important Decisions
Take the guesswork out of risk analysis with Crystal Ball 2000.Since 1989,Decisioneering, Inc. has provided risk analysis and decision intelligence software tools that empower individuals and organizations to understand uncertainty and make better decisions.
More than 85% of Fortune 500 companies and 40 of the top 50 MBA schools use Crystal Ball to manage risk, make better decisions, and increase shareholder value. Trust the leader in risk analysis software to help you understand and deliver better outcomes.

Immediate Benefits
Most Crystal Ball users will be proficient in under 30 minutes if they are familiar with Microsoft Excel. Plus, the award-winning documentation makes it easy for users to begin seeing the benefits almost instantly. Since the program is a fully integrated Microsoft add-in that seamlessly extends the power o Excel spreadsheet models, the functionality of Crystal Ball 2000 is just a few clicks away.

Adding Probability to Risk Calculations

What is the likelihood of reaching a particular goal? What are the critical factors affecting risk?
The answer to these and other common “what-if” scenarios can be determined by assigning probability to unknown variables. Crystal Ball automates the cumbersome “what-if” process using Monte Carlo simulation, by applying a range of values or a probability distribution to each uncertain variable. The program generates random values from within the defined probability ranges, and then recalculates the model literally hundreds or thousands of times, storing
the results of each “what-if” scenario. This time-saving process alleviates having to manually enter different scenarios over and over again.

Power to Handle Advanced Functions
For advance users, Crystal Ball support correlated assumptions, sensitivity analysis, distribution fitting, and precision control. These features allow more rigorous analysis. With so much power, Crystal Ball guides users to better in formation with little effort.

Easy to understand Charting and Reporting
Produce easy-to-understand charts and reports quickly and effortlessly. These detailed features illustrate the various assumptions and resulting forecasts along with the statistical likelihood of each, making decision analysis easier.

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